How Long Does a Carpet Last?

Hi, I am Steve Knisley with Wholesale Carpets and I wanted to answer some of our frequently asked questions.

How long does a carpet last?

So one question I get asked a lot is how long will carpet last or how long should you expect a carpet that you buy here to last. A lot of the warranties nowadays are lifetime warranties and that brings up a lot of those types of questions – is it the lifetime of the carpet? Is it my lifetime? Is it the lifetime of the house? How does this work?

And so what I like to say in most carpets really do last you say 5 to 7 years is an average for when people do replacement. It doesn’t mean that everyone does it that way. A lot of people have their carpet for 20 years. But it really depends on what the build quality of the carpet is; if it’s a short and tight design, if it’s something longer and looser that’s going to give you a different type of texture, is it a pattern and then what areas you have it in the house.

Hall and stairs are going to wear out quicker sometimes than other areas of the house because you are always in that same pathway and so there is not really a decisive answer on this one but I would say most carpets are going to what we call “Ugly out” before they wear out. And so if you think your carpet might be ugly, come and see us and we will replace it with something new.

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Steve Knisely