Environmentally friendly carpet

What is the Most Environmentally Friendly Carpet Choice I Can Make?

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Steve Knisely, Owner

Wool is a great option for environmentally friendly carpet. Obviously it’s naturally renewable. It’s a great choice. But sometimes it’s not in everybody’s price range and it’s not the choice that they would want to make.

The next best thing to that is to pick a CRI green label carpeting. Here is a picture of what you should look for:

Carpet and Rug Institute, CRI, is a place where you can go to check and see if the carpet that you are looking at is indeed green label certified carpeting.

Green label certified basically means that someone’s checking to see if it is environmentally friendly carpet. The Carpet and Rug Institute is ensuring that these carpets are made without harmful chemicals that could come off of the carpet while you are using it.

Steve Knisely